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Donald M. Caspary, PhD
Department of Pharmacology




Donald M. Caspary is an SIU Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Pharmacology.  He received his Doctorate from New York University in Neurobiology, a Masters in Zoology from Syracuse University and his Bachelors of Arts in Zoology from University of Wisconsin. 

His research examines the role of neurotransmitters in processing acoustic information in the auditory parts of the brain. More recently he has examined age-related and tinnitus-related maladaptive changes in inhibitory brain function in these same central auditory circuits. 

He has published over 100 papers and chapters, serves on a number of review panels and is a board member of the tinnitus research consortium. His principal funding for these studies has been from the National Institutes of Health for the last 32 years and more recently from the Office of Navel Research for tinnitus studies. 

Dr. Caspary has collaborated with members of the surgery department including Drs. Rybak, Bauer, Brozoski, and Turner.

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