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Many of the services offered by the SIU Center for Hearing and Balance do not require a referral from a physician.  However, for insurance coverage, an order from your primary or specialty physician will be requested. 
Please follow the guide below to find the most appropriate contact information for the service that interests you.




Adult Hearing Evaluation and Hearing Aid Services

West Lawrence Clinic
Receptionist: Laura Tomlin
Phone: 217-545-7070
Fax:  217-546-6124

Pediatric Hearing Evaluation and Hearing Aid Services
Anchored Hearing System Patients
Balance Clinic

St. John’s Pavilion Clinic
SIU Call Center Phone:  217-545-6099
Fax:  217-545-7386

New Cochlear Implant Referrals
New Bone Anchored Hearing System Referrals

IMPLANT SERVICES REQUIRE A PHSYICIANS REFERRAL AND REVIEW OF RECORDS PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING – Please contact our Staff Clerk for information & fax pertinent medical and audiology records to the number below for review.

St. John’s Pavilion Clinic

Audiology Staff Clerk:
Phone:  217-545-7124
Fax:  217-545-7386