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Global Outreach

Dr. Robbins doing a neck exam.Since 2004, the Division of Otolaryngology has supported a partnership with Kilimanjaro Medical School in Tanzania (http://www.kcmc.ac.tz/) .  This country of nearly 44 million people has fewer than 10 otolaryngologists and no fully trained otolaryngologists on staff at the hospital. This hospital alone serves about 11 million people. Members of the SIU Otolaryngology faculty, including audiologists, visit the Center twice a year to care for patients and teach.  We sent a container of equipment and supplies to improve patient care.  We have also hosted medical students and nurses here at SIU, for one to two month observerships.

We are currently participating in the training of 3 otolaryngology residents at KCMC, with the intent of establishing a sustainable training program.  There are also two partially trained MD’s, and a small audiology unit and an audiologist in the clinic.  We have established collaborations with otolaryngologists from several other countries to provide continuous supervision.

Recently, the RRC for Otolarynology has changed its policy on overseas experience during residency.  Although surgical cases on such an elective cannot be counted in the log, the trip counts as academic time, so that residents do not need to use vacation.  In the past two years, two residents have accompanied faculty.  This has been an educational experience for the residents, and they have made wonderful contributions to the education of students and residents at KCMC.