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SIU Hearing and Balance Foundation - Pediatric Hearing Program

Give the gift of Listening, Language & Learning to individuals who do not have financial resources to access the therapy and technology that will enable them to hear and speak.

Your tax deductible donation will be used to provide therapy services, education outreach and assistive technology to those who would otherwise go without these critical resources.

Thank you for supporting our vision of listening, language and learning! For more information about the Listening, Language and Learning Program, click here.

All contributions make a difference - no donation is 'too small'.

To Make a Donation:

Make a donation online by clicking this link and selecting the “Hearing & Balance Clinic.”  If you prefer, you can make your contribution to the Hearing & Balance Clinic by mail with either a check or a credit card.  Thank you.

All donations are tax deductible. You may designate a specific use for your Tax Deductible Donation:

Therapy services for children who are deaf or hearing impaired:

Accessories link technology to improve hearing in challenging environments:

Donate to The Listening, Language and Learning Program

The Listening, Language and Learning Program’s mission is to provide quality listening and spoken language training and education to children and adults with hearing loss. The services provided will help children become oral communicators and develop their listening, language, intellectual and learning skills. The program will also provide rehabilitation to adults so they can receive the maximum benefit possible from their hearing technology. If you would like to donate to the Listening, Language & Learning Program, click here. and select "Hearing and Balance Clinic" from the drop-down menu.