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The Division of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Residents would like to welcome you to our web site. This site has been created for use by faculty, residents, prospective residents, community otolaryngologists and patients. The SIU otolaryngology residency has a long standing commitment to research and resident education. Our program boasts a tremendous faculty to resident ratio and impressive exposure to a wide range of procedures. The otolaryngology division has 8 labs, running full time, staffed by PhD and MD trained faculty. (All of this at a program which accepts only two residents per year!) We are very proud of this outstanding program. We are certain that you will be impressed as well. We hope you enjoy browsing the web site.


Coral Tieu, MD

Hometown: Florida

Graduated from: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science - Chicago Medical School

What brought you to SIU? Early operative exposure, a wide array of surgical experiences, extremely helpful staff, excellent attending instructors and the feeling of camaraderie amongst the otolaryngology residents. The location also offers exactly what I wanted in a residency: family oriented, great cost of living, friendly and with the ability to live within 5 minutes of both hospitals.

Area of interest/research: I love everything about otolaryngology so far. I'm also excited to be involved in Dr. Campbell's research on noise-induced hearing loss. Her impressive work was yet another item in a long list of reasons for me to love SIU.

PGY- 4

Scott Montgomery, MD

Hometown:  Santa Cruz, CA

Graduated from: St. Louis University School of Medicine

What brought you to SIU?    The faculty's dedication to resident education along with the state of the art simulation lab contributed to my decision to come to SIU. I also found the residents very welcoming and was impressed by the positive working environment.

Areas of interest/research: 
While I am trying to keep an open mind throughout residency, I am definitely interested in otology and hearing science.

Joseph White, MD

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Graduated from: University of South Florida College of Medicine

What brought you to SIU? SIU offers a great clinical and surgical otolaryngology experience. All of the ENT specialties are well represented and the attendings deeply care about individual residents. The residents have an excellent relationship with each other creating a positive learning environment. Finally, Springfield is a perfectly sized community that has the feeling of small town with all the amenities of a large city, making for a perfect place to live.

Areas of interest/research: As an intern, I still have many things to learn in the field of Otolaryngology. I am unsure at this point whether I want to pursue a fellowship or general otolaryngology. My interests include hearing, otology, and head and neck surgery.


Alexa Castellano, MD

Hometown: O'Fallon, Missouri

Graduated from: University of Missouri School of Medicine

What brought you to SIU? The welcoming and friendly environment within the Otolaryngology department, great operative experience, and a wonderful city to live in brought my husband & I to SIU.  The camaraderie among the department seemed awesome and my husband also loved the emergency medicine residency program.

Areas of interest/research: I still have a lot to learn about Otolaryngology and love everything I have encountered so far.  I am unsure if I will pursue a fellowship or decide to practice general ENT, but pediatrics, head & neck, and facial plastics have piqued my interest.  I am also interested in clinical research and am looking forward to finding some projects at SIU.

Nnenna Ezeilo, MD

Hometown: Nigeria, West Africa

Graduated from: Indiana University School of Medicine

What brought you to SIU?: The comprehensive clinical training and diverse surgical case load in the Department of Otolaryngology, in addition to SIU's focus on resident education and the collegial learning environment.

Areas of interest/research: I have strong interests in Global Health and I look forward to Global health travel opportunity available to fifth year residents. My research interests are varied and I am keeping an open mind about fellowship training.


Lauren Lawrence, MD

Hometown: Flint, MI

Graduated from: Wayne State University School of Medicine

What brought you to SIU?: I felt that the Otolaryngology department at SIU offered both excellent surgical training and a friendly and welcoming environment. I was also impressed with the surgical skills center and the commitment to resident education.

Areas of interest/research: I like everything about ENT, but I’m especially interested in rhinology, otology, and facial plastics. I’m interested in both basic science and clinical research.

Ryan Funk, MD

Hometown: I am from Peoria, IL

Graduated from:Medical College of Wisconsin

What brought you to SIU? I was initially drawn to SIU because of its location as an ideal place to raise a family. Upon interviewing here, I was impressed by the nurturing educational environment and strong sense of genuine camaraderie among the residents, faculty, and staff.

Areas of research? My specific interests within Otolaryngology are largely undifferentiated at this time, though I maintain a strong interest in global health.


Anna Flaherty, MD


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Benjamin Hunter,MD


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