Fellowships at SIU

Andrology Fellowship Program Description

Andrology Fellowship addressing male reproductive and sexual health to be based at SIU-SOM, SIU Healthcare, St John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center. The modern management of male reproductive and sexual health requires an in depth knowledge not only of surgery but of imaging, biopsy techniques, pathology, endocrinology, radiology and basic science. The proposed fellowship is designed to enhance the basic knowledge of the management of male sexual health and reproductive health acquired by a urology trainee particularly in the non-surgical disciplines.

Completion of the fellowship. The existence of the fellowship is to augment and support the Department of Urology at SIU-SOM, SIU-SOM, SIU Healthcare, St John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center to advance the field of sexual health and infertility consistent with the goals of the above mentioned institutions, and the strategic plan of the above mentioned institutions.

Successful completion of a five or six year accredited program in Urology is a prerequisite.

Colorectal Fellowship

The Southern Illinois University Program in Colorectal Surgery is a collaborative educational program involving academic and private colorectal surgeons who joined together in a program designed to provide excellent postgraduate training in the current practice of colorectal surgery. The catchment area for the Southern Illinois University Program in Colorectal Surgery encompasses the southern two-thirds of Illinois and includes both urban and rural populations. The breadth of pathology seen by surgeons in the SIU Colorectal Program covers the entire spectrum of colorectal disease, from basic uncomplicated anorectal and colorectal problems in otherwise healthy people to complex and complicated anorectal and colorectal problems in people with multiple medical comorbidities.

The surgical faculty enjoys a good working relationship with other subspecialties who often participate in management of complex cases, including but not limited to: urology, gynecology, plastic surgery, radiation and medical oncology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, and enterostomal therapy/wound management. The Colorectal Surgery attending surgeons have trained at a number of different programs, allowing a breadth of experience for the trainee’s benefit. The SIU Colorectal Surgery Program utilizes two inpatient facilities and three outpatient facilities. The inpatient facilities allow the Colorectal Surgery resident to gain experience with working within two distinct healthcare systems – a private nonprofit healthcare system as well as a church-owned healthcare system.

Each inpatient facility is part of a larger regional healthcare system which incorporates inpatient and outpatient care elements. The culture within each system is also distinctly different. Experience with both will equip the Colorectal Surgery resident with skills that will aid his/her transition into a practice setting. Similarly, the two outpatient settings are distinctly different – one is an academic clinic setting, and the other a private office setting, and experience with both will allow the Colorectal Surgery resident to feel more comfortable when settling into the type of practice s/he chooses after completion of training.

There is a hospital-provided shuttle between the two hospitals which runs every ten minutes from 6 AM until 6:30 PM, decreasing the burden of having two inpatient sites. The shuttle ride between hospitals takes approximately three minutes door-to-door. The two outpatient settings are two blocks apart, placed on either side of the major inpatient facility.

Spine Fellowship


Application Process

The fellowship is participating in the San Francisco Match administered by SF Match. Simply complete the online registration using the central application service (mandatory for applicants and programs) and provide the required documents as posted. For additional information, click here for our Fellowship brochure.





 Application Process

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The SIU School of Medicine provides educational experiences for individuals who have completed their medical training but do not hold medical licensure. The Division of Orthopaedic Surgery allows for 2 individuals to hold the title of “observership” every 6 months (starting January 2012).

Examples of situations that would be considered appropriate for observership

Examples of situation that would not be considered appropriate for observership

 Adult Reconstruction


 Application Process

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Hand Surgery Fellowship


The goal of the ACGME accredited Institute for Plastic Surgery Hand Surgery Fellowship is to prepare individuals for a successful career in academic hand surgery. The fellowship provides in-depth and comprehensive training in all areas of pediatric and adult hand and wrist surgery.


The fellow is supported by three Institute for Plastic Surgery hand fellowship (hand certified?) plastic surgeons, including Drs. Michael W. Neumeister, and Nada Berry and one clinical faculty member Dr. Robert Russell. They also work closely with our Hand Therapy Center, comprised of four certified hand therapists.

Clinical Exposure

The diversity of faculty allows the hand surgery fellow to be exposed to an array of complex hand and wrist problems over the course of the fellowship, including: