Neurosurgery ResidentS


Alex Michael, MD

Hometown: Belleville, IL

Undergraduate School: Saint Louis University

Medical School: SIU School of Medicine

Why SIU? As a former medical student at SIU, I had already worked with the department faculty and know how committed they are to my surgical training. With a wide variety of operative cases to choose from, I trust them completely to afford me a top notch education no matter the path my career may take. Springfield is also an idyllic place to live for a great balance between professional and personal opportunities.



Breck Jones, MD

Hometown: Equality, IL

Undergraduate School: Illinois State University

Medical School: SIU School of Medicine

Why SIU?: SIU is renowned for its dedication to surgical education as is evidenced by their state-of-the-art surgical skills lab and simulation facilities. With a diverse and enthusiastic faculty I am confident that my neurosurgical education at SIU will be exemplary across the entire spectrum of neurosurgical practice including tumor, complex spine, functional, radiosurgery, skull base, pediatric, cerebrovascular, and endovascular.

Additionally, I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of and build a young program. 
When rotating through the neurosurgery service as a medical student I not only felt welcomed by the faculty, but also felt included in the strong camaraderie that the neurosurgery team displays. I am excited about having an early operative experience where there are enough cases that double-scrubbing is not necessary. I am also looking forward to the multitude of research opportunities and educational experiences available at SIU.

Finally, Springfield is an ideal city to raise a family, has a low cost of living, and offers plenty to do outside of the hospital. I could not be more excited to receive my neurosurgical training at SIU. 



Victoria Watson, MD

Hometown: Pinch, WV

Undergraduate School: West Virginia University

Medical School: Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Why SIU?: I loved the feel of the medical community here. Instead of viewing your fellow employees as coworkers, everyone in Springfield views them more as members of their extended family. I guess you just can't beat the Midwest hospitality.