Basic Science

Evaluation of non-functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) composites for bone tissue engineering
This project incorporates SWCNT in poly-lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLAGA) to form SWCNT/PLAGA composites. Hypothesis: addition of SWCNT to PLAGA will increase the cell proliferation rate and mechanical strength of the composites, and the composites are non-toxic and biocompatible in-vivo (tested subcutaneously in rats).

Tissue engineered human anterior cruciate ligament derived cellular patch for partial ACL repair
The lab developed a protocol for the surgical retrieval, isolation and in-vitro expansion of the human ACL derived cells (hACL) obtained from discarded tissue. The lab then developed a patch using an engineered 2D matrix infused with hACL derived cells to augment a partial ACL repair and strengthen the torn ligament.

Tissue engineered meniscus
In this project the lab will develop a hydrogel based non-biodegradable tissue engineered meniscus for replacing meniscus.