Clinical Research

Tony Tzeng
Mouhanad M. El-Othmani, MD- Clinical Researcher

The SIU research group in orthopaedics has diverse interests, collaborating with medical students, residents, fellows and faculty with innovative clinical and health care policy and reform projects, publications, and presentations. Working closely with collaborators across the US from such institutions as Harvard and UCSF, the research group has completed projects covering issues that involve predicting patient readmissions following surgery, diagnosing and managing biofilm infections and metal hypersensitivity, and factors affecting inpatient mortality and length of stay following orthopaedic surgery.

Recently, several innovative projects have been submitted to or accepted by the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery American. One project tackled the issue of how orthopaedic surgeons can create and lead effective multidisciplinary teams as part of high quality health care delivery. Another emphasized the importance of guiding patients into becoming more involved in their own healthcare, activating them to improve satisfaction outcomes. Another proposed a model for analyzing readmissions in orthopaedics, with an eventual goal of predicting and mitigating the causes of readmissions following surgery.
Research Accomplishments