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Patient Testimonials


Dear Dr. Saleh,

Just wanted to share a couple of pics with you from my rafting and hiking adventure in the Grand Canyon this summer.  The one picture is me with one of our guides after completing a hike UP (and up...) to a waterfall near the rim of the canyon. Second picture is from down near the start and the farthest peak you can see is where the waterfall from hell was located.  Beautiful hike, I think!  Didn't really see anything but one foot in front of the other on the way up but on the way down, was able to glance around and see the scenery and how high up we were and what narrow trails we were on!!  We also went on several more hikes through slot canyons and scrambles over boulders.  Eight days on the river - AWESOME!!

Knees continue to function well but seem to be staying sore more frequently. I am trying to walk a 5k per day and do weight training. I guess I might need to start icing more afterwards. 

When are you coming back to Virginia?!  How do I get to you if these knees need any revisions?  (:

Just want to thank you again for the amazing work you did on my knees and for allowing me so many fun trips as a result.

Hope you are doing well,
Heather Dow

I'm doing good for 73. I can walk again due to the PT (physical therapy) I had in the hospital and at home. I do the PT twice a day. Every day it gets a little better walking. When the weather was nice, I got the wheelbarrow and grabber and picked up sticks in the yard. And I've been walking two blocks to the Post Office due to Dr. Saleh and your Joint Works program. I am getting my life back to how it was at age 50. It's a great feeling. Now when a friend calls for lunch out, I'm out the door!

You have a great PT team and program.

(Anita Habibi)

I am doing well, walk every day 1 ½ miles (slow but steady). Do my own housework, live alone and do most of the yard work. Dr. Saleh and my daughter were great on getting me back on my feet. Everyone in Springfield was super.

(Bonnie Klamen)

He's a great Dr. He put 2 knee replacements in for me, I did a lot of therapy. I walk just fine and no longer have knee pain.Thank-you Dr. Saleh!

(Charlie Watson)