PGY-1 Residents

Andrew Mitchelson, MD

Hometown: Taylorville IL

Medical School: SIU School of Medicine

Why SIU?: The orthopaedics residency at SIU epitomizes my ideal for surgical training with great faculty, early operative exposure, plentiful research opportunities, resident camaraderie, and a culture where the focus is on meaningful learning and quality patient care.

David Tapscott, MD

Hometown: Edinburg, IL

Medical School: University of Missouri School of Medicine

Why SIU?: I picked SIU because it offers an unparalleled surgical experience in a remarkably enjoyable atmosphere.

I will scrub more cases, perform more procedures, and see more styles of practice than my national peers. When I leave SIU, I’ll have no problem effectively performing core orthopaedic procedures thanks to five years of single scrubbing cases. The fellowship aspect was also attractive to me. SIU has proven to consistently place graduates at places like Harvard, Tria, and Mayo.

Just as important to me is that I feel very welcome here. The senior residents take pride in mentoring me and the junior residents consistently look out for each other. The atmosphere is learner focused, not condemning. Springfield is an underrated town: going to the lake, hitting the downtown areas, or having resident gatherings seems to more than fill my entertainment quota.

Craig Wilson, MD

Hometown: Galesburg IL

Medical School: SIU SOM

Why SIU?:  "I chose SIU because of the mentorship I received as a medical student.  The attendings and residents went out of their way to help me gain the most out of my medical education and to prepare for becoming a resident.  SIU’s commitment to education is present in all aspects of the program including the didactic sessions, operating room experience, time spent in the clinics, and research.

Additionally, the combined academic and community rotations, early operating experience, teaching opportunities, and research experience makes SIU an ideal place for me to train.  SIU graduates competent, well-rounded surgeons who are well prepared to either directly enter practice or receive a fellowship of choice.

I am proud to be apart of SIU Orthopaedics, and I am excited to be training under the excellent surgeons here.  
I can’t imagine a better place to train and I look forward to all of the opportunities working at SIU will bring me!"