PGY-2 Residents

Robert David Graham, MD

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but grew up in Ocala (central Florida)

Medical School: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine for med school

Why SIU?: My biggest draw to SIU is that it offers a well rounded Orthopaedic program.  The residents, including interns, get LOTS of operative experience and are almost never double scrubbed.  We scrub our cases with both academic and community based attendings who love to teach and who provide a good balance between resident autonomy and supervision.  

SIU offers a non-malignant, resident-led educational atmosphere that provides lots of opportunities for research.  It also has a good track record of matching residents into great fellowship programs.

Finally, Springfield is a great place to live and raise a family.  There is always plenty to do and the program as a whole understands what it is like to have a family as many of the residents have families.

Email: rgraham35@siumed.edu

John Horberg, MD

Hometown: Cambridge, Illinois

Medical School: SIU School of Medicine

Why SIU?: The biggest thing that drew me to SIU was the people. After working with many of the residents and attendings here for a good chunk of my last two years of medical school, I couldn't imagine training anywhere else. The residents are a tight knit, hard working group that genuinely enjoy spending time together in and out of the hospital. The attending staff is equally friendly and approachable as well.

Academically, SIU is a perfect fit for me as well. The attending staff, both SIU and the community affiliates, are extremely dedicated to improving resident education. The strong didactic schedule, early operative experience and one on one teaching by attending staff made the residents I interacted with at SIU some of the most confident and competent residents I met on my rotations or the interview trail.

SIU is unique in that it not only has all subspecialties represented in town, but that the residents are trained by a combination of University and Community faculty. This provides residents an opportunity to see a broader array of techniques as well as the differences between private and academic practice.

Email: jhorberg@siumed.edu

Alison Mayfield, MD

Hometown: Quincy, IL

Medical School: SIU School of Medicine

Why SIU: I choose SIU because I had such an amazing experience working with the program faculty, residents, and staff during my medical school training, and saw the dedication and enthusiasm that both residents and faculty had for teaching and training in Orthopaedics. 

I saw first-hand the early operative opportunity, and the confidence that the residents had in their operations.  This program truely gives you early hands-on training, and even as an intern you are in the operating room (often the only resident) scrubbing cases with your attendings. 

The program has a great mix of community attendings and academic faculty, giving exposure to all areas of Orthopaedic practice.  For me, the comraderie of the residents and the early operative experience placed SIU above all other programs.

Email: amayfield@siumed.edu