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PGY-4 Residents

Natasha Lewis, MDNatasha Lewis, MD

Hometown: Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Why SIU?: I chose SIU because it was a good fit for me. I immediately felt at home with the residents and they are truly committed to teaching each other. The faculty take great pride in preparing us for life during and after residency. Even as interns, we get an incredible amount of operative experience. You will not find a more balanced program in the country.


Jason Patton, MDJason Patton, MD

Hometown: West Frankfort, IL

Medical School: Southern Illinois University

Why SIU?  SIU orthopaedics was my first choice for residency because of the unique experience and opportunities offered. SIU is an academic institution that offers residents the possibilities of getting involved in research and academic medicine.

We also have a strong relationship with two private, community orthopaedic groups. This relationship gives us the unique exposure to many of the private practice aspects of orthopaedics. Lastly, and most importantly, I wanted to come to SIU because of the residents. The residents have a strong tradition of resident-to-resident teaching providing an interactive educational environment throughout the entirety of residency.


Ken Illingworth, MDKen Illingworth, MD

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Medical School: University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Why SIU? The team atmosphere was what attracted me most to SIU orthopaedics. The residents go out of their way to make sure that the entire group works as a unit. This not only helps the residents, but also leads to better patient care. The residents were genuinely happy and enjoyed their experience at SIU.

In addition, the faculty consisted of top-notch academic surgeons from diverse backgrounds. The faculties strong drive for research and academics, combined with the early, and often, operating experience was what sealed the deal for me. Whether you want to do academics or private practice, SIU orthopaedics sets you up for a successful career after residency.


Daniel Hatz, MD

Hometown: Omaha NE.

Med School: UNMC

Why SIU?: I chose SIU because the ortho program here has the best surgeons with the best
residents in the country.  Seriously, best learning and mentorship atmosphere of any place I was interested in.  The town of Springfield is also a great part of why I chose Springfield.  Its the Capital with a very clean and interesting downtown area.  Its a perfect cross between a mid level city and a midwestern
town.  I truly love it here.