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Prior to Surgery

Arrival Time

To allow sufficient preparation time before your procedure, please arrive at the time specified.

Insurance Forms and Cards

Have all cards available to present at the time of admission. Please present school or work related forms on admission.


Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Leave jewelry and valuables at home.

Medical History and Test Results

Bring all forms that your physicians have provided to you. Take only the medication your physician or nurse tells you to take on the morning of surgery, with only a sip of water. Don’t forget to bring a list of all medications you are currently taking.


Do not eat anything after midnight the night before surgery, unless instructed by your physician/nurse.


Do not drink anything after midnight including water. Do not chew gum or eat candy. These actions reduce the likelihood of vomiting or breathing in stomach contents during surgery.


If you feel ill or have a fever, call your physician prior to surgery. It may be necessary to postpone your surgery to avoid complications. 


Do not smoke after midnight the night before your surgery. 


Children may have different needs. Please discuss with your physician and/or the child life specialist.

Pre-Admission Registration and Testing

SIU Division of Orthopedic Surgery surgeons perform surgery in both an in-patient and out-patient setting depending on the procedure, and use the facilities of both St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois. Your insurance may dictate which hospital you must attend. We work closely with both hospital staffs to provide the best patient experience possible. If surgery is required, you will probably receive communication from the hospital prior to your procedure scheduling tests and seeking other information they may need prior to the actual day of the surgery. Please follow up with them in a prompt manner or your surgery may be delayed.

Depending on the type of surgery you are having and your general physical condition, your doctor may order certain tests to be completed before your surgery or procedure date.

When the Hospital Pre-Admission office calls, please make every effort to communicate with them, answering all questions and completing all testing prior to your procedure. 

Day of Procedure

Arriving at the appropriate check-in location on your surgery day is extremely important. Both St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center offer several surgery location options, depending on the type of procedure being performed so double check the location prior to your departure from home. For your safety, you will be asked multiple times to verify your name, medications, allergies and side/site of procedure if appropriate. 


If you require anesthesia, an anesthesiologist will talk with you and review your medical history. 


The scheduled time for surgery and the actual time can vary. Delays or revisions to the operating room schedule might change the start time of your surgery. At the completion of your procedure, your physician will meet with or call your family members.