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Orthopaedic Research Program - Research Resources

Orthopaedic Research Laboratory:

research laboratoryThis laboratory occupies ~300 sq. ft. of space in Room 330 of the SIU School of Medicine at 911 N. Rutledge.  Located in room 330 are a laminar flow hood, refrigerator-freezer, water baths, analytical and preparative balances, preparative centrifuges, thermocycler, CO2 incubator, basic molecular biology equipment, such as gel apparatus and power supplies, microtome, ph meter, spectrophotometer, sonicator, and other basic equipment.  Items of permanent departmental equipment, that are available for use by residents include a  -80°C freezer, an ultrapure water system, phosphoimager, light boxes and photographic equipment and a 14P microplate reader.  A researcher in the laboratory has the technical expertise to assist residents with basic and biomechanical aspects of their research efforts.

 Clinical Research Office:

lab equipmentThe clinical research office occupies ~450 sq. ft in room A283 of the SIU School of Medicine at 800 N. Rutledge.  Located in the clinical research office are three PC workstations and lap tops. Clinical research support personnel include three full time staff.  The research staff are responsible for maintaining the clinical research study documentation and study protocols.   Multiple faculty are engaged in research activities.  Resources are available to assist residents, as appropriate, in the collection and analysis of study data for preparation of posters, oral presentations, and manuscript development.


Anatomy Laboratory:

The anatomy laboratory is located at 801 N. Rutledge St., across from Memorial Medical Center in room 1375 and consists of 345 NSF.  The laboratory contains a nine-body morgue cooler, dissecting/exam tables, freezer, surgical instruments, sink and gowns.