Orthopaedic Residency

Dr. Keith Gabriel and residentsSIU is a 5 resident per year program that is academically based but has strong connections with volunteer community faculty. We pride ourselves on early operative experience (i.e. doing knee scopes and TKA’s as an intern), supportive and approachable faculty, one-on-one services where double scrubbing is the extreme exception and never the norm, and great exposure to cutting edge orthopaedics.

We accomplish all of this while still having a vast experience in bread-and-butter orthopaedics. Residents cover two hospitals and average q4 call. Springfield offers many local activities, a friendly Midwestern culture, and a low cost of living with 94% of the residents owning their own home. Please take a few minutes to navigate our site and get to know us a bit more.


Anita Weinhoeft - Residency Coordinator
SIU School of Medicine, PO Box 19679
Springfield, Illinois, 62794-9679
(217) 545-6155;
e-mail: residency@siumed.edu or aweinhoeft@siumed.edu.