Hip Conditions and Treatments

Labral Tear

The labrum of the hip is cartilage that surrounds the hip socket.  The labrum helps to stabilize the hip joint.  Acute hip labral tears are usually caused by a fall, direct trauma or sports injury and can become pinched in the joint causing pain and catching sensations.  Various treatment options include physical therapy, intra-articular injection, or arthroscopic surgery. 

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are very common in sports when muscles are subject to eccentric contractions.  In soccer, an eccentric contraction of the hip flexors is when the leg is pulled back to kick a soccer ball.  The more common muscle strains in the hip are:  hip flexor strains, hamstring strains, and adductor strains combined with rectus abdominis strain (sports hernia).

Quadriceps Contusion

A quadriceps contusion, or bruise, is an injury to the thigh muscle on the front of the leg.  These injuries must be treated.