SIU Shoulder & Sports Medicine Mission

The SIU Shoulder & Sports Medicine team offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and care of athletes of all ages with injuries or other medical conditions that affect their ability to participate in sports, exercise or maintain an active lifestyle.

A specialty of the division of Orthopaedic Surgery at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, SIU Shoulder & Sports Medicine is the official sports medicine provider for the University of Illinois Springfield Prairie Stars.  As an academic-based sports medicine program that is part of a comprehensive orthopaedics division, SIU Sports Medicine offers numerous advantages for patients. 

Cutting Edge Research

Our physicians are actively researching sports-related injuries, studying causes and cures for a wide variety of conditions.  Their research has already translated into exciting advances in the clinic through enhanced patient care, and on the field through improved training, performance and injury prevention.

Multidisciplinary Care

Because it is a part of SIU School of Medicine’s academic medical center, the SIU Shoulder & Sports Medicine team is able to offer fully integrated, multidisciplinary care from top SIU physicians across a broad spectrum of surgical and medical specialties. 


Aspire to Insipire:

The Division of Orthopaedics participates in the overall educational mission of the SIU School of Medicine by contributing orthopaedic and rehabilitation medicine expertise to undergraduate, graduate and medical students, as well as offering continuing medical education programs. We inspire and train the experts of tomorrow, through a residency program that draws the highest quality medical students. We provide opportunities and encouragement for faculty, staff, residents and students to advance their careers in this field, while providing an environment supportive of teamwork, communication and collaboration with other individuals and organizations. An evolving research program further enhances our dedication to education and patient care.