Thereasa E. Abrams, PhD, LCSW
Research Assistant Professor
Institute for Plastic Surgery
Department of Surgery




Clinical Interests

  • Resilience building and training for severe burn and wound patients
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Individual, family and group counseling
  • Burn survivor support
  • Patient-centered care

Research Interests

  • Exploring and using Resilience Theory
  • Strategies of Burn Survivors
  • Improved long-term burn and wound patient outcomes
  • Teaching models in patient-centered care

Dr. Thereasa (Teri) Abrams, PhD,  is the Research Assistant Professor in the Institute for Plastic Surgery, joining the faculty in 2013.  She has extensive experience as a licensed clinical social worker, working particularly with survivors of extensive and serious burns.  She brings that expertise to the Institute for Plastic Surgery with plans to improve the psycho-social outcomes for these patients by developing their abilities to cope and building on their personal strengths following their life-changing events. 

Dr. Abrams completed both her Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, and obtained her PhD from SIU in May, 2013.  She is the author of numerous academic publications, presentations and articles, with topics ranging from the value of peer support for burn patients to teaching methodologies for health educators.  Dr. Abrams has been active with the American Burn Association and has presented at the Society for Public Health Education Mid-year Scientific Conference, the South Carolina Conference on Continuum of Care for Emotionally Disturbed Children, the National Conference on Child Welfare, and the Phoenix Society World Burn Congress.  She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Association of Social Work (Southern Region) Graduate Student of the Year and the Alumni Achievement Award from the SIUC School of Social Work.

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