The Institute for Plastic Surgery has been on the forefront of reconstructive microsurgery since its inception in the 70’s and continues to offer it to appropriate patients who have suffered traumatic injuries or abnormalities caused by disease like cancer or congenital defects.  Reconstructive microsurgery has witnessed major advancements in the last decade including the emergence of hand and face transplantation.  These techniques provide a new lease on life for severely injured patients whose problems cannot be solved by more traditional techniques.  Advanced computing and robotics continue to foster the expansion of more precise and minimally invasive surgeries while the potential to biologically engineer missing tissues and structures offer an exciting gateway to the future.

Here at SIU we currently offer breast reconstruction, facial reanimation, free flap reconstruction and limb/digit replantation. 

Reconstructive microsurgery is a surgical field where specialized operating microscopes and precision instrumentation are utilized to perform intricate operations on tiny structures.