Abigail Cochran, MD

Hometown: - Milwaukee, WI 

Undergrad: Siena College, Albany, NY

Med School: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI  

What brought you to SIU? -SIU has strong didactics and a strong reputation with faculty who genuinely care about the education and well being of the residents.  

Area of interest:  Microsurgery, complex reconstruction,  breast. 

Research:  - Adipose derives stem cell therapy effects on tissue expansion after radiation; TRAIL gene therapy in a breast cancer xenograft model; Botox effects on neuroma formation.

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Megan Henderson,MD

Hometown: - Longview, WA

College: Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Med school: Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

What brought you to SIU? -I rotated through SIU as a visiting medical student and was impressed by the friendliness and accessibility of the faculty and residents, the emphasis on didactics in the curriculum, and the heavy exposure to hand surgery.

Area of interest/research: -

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Mauricio De la Garza, MD

Hometown: -  Monterrey, Mexico.

Undergraduate & Medical School: - Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico.

What brought you to SIU? - This is what I have always wanted! The program offers an opportunity to become a world-class Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. The mentorship model, strong academics with significant input from faculty in didactics and clinical teaching, extraordinary operative experience, the exceptional ability to perform translational research throughout residency along with a comforting collegial environment and attendings that want you to succeed, it was a no-brainer.  What an honor to be part of this team!

Area of interest/research: - It's hard to say at this point, I love everything I do here! In terms of research: bringing function back....targeted re-innervation, limb transplantation, neuroma prevention, wound healing.


Shaun Mendenhall, MD

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Undergraduate studies/school: University of Utah Medical School: University of Utah

Why SIU? I came to SIU because of the strong integrated nature of the program, great research opportunities for residents, and unparalleled didactic and clinical teaching. The attendings are leaders in the field of plastic surgery and are especially well known for hand and microsurgical reconstruction which I am interested in. SIU is also actively building a vascularized composite allotransplantation (hand transplant) program which is an exciting part of plastic surgery to be involved in.



Ryan Schmucker, MD

Hometown: - Millersburg, OH

Undergraduate:- Taylor University, Upland, IN

Medical School: - Wright State University

Why SIU? - After doing a rotation here as a medical student, I knew that SIU was where I wanted to do my residency training. The program here at SIU offers a broad clinical experience, unparalleled operative exposure, mentorship both inside and outside the operating room, and a collegial environment that is a pleasure to work in.


Chelsea Snider, MD

Hometown: – Santa Barbara, CA.

Why SIU? – SIU has a robust integrated plastic surgery program with ample research opportunity and dedicated faculty support. The program is known for its strong lineage of academic pioneers in the field of plastic surgery and continues to place significant emphasis on education, specifically, critical analysis and surgical judgment. It’s terrific to work alongside such a friendly, inquisitive, and innovative group!

Area of interest/research: – Craniofacial and facial aesthetics. Research interests include craniofacial, breast reconstruction, stem cell and transplantation.


PGY- 3

Amanda Ross, MD

Hometown: - Springfield, IL

Undergraduate: - Creighton University- B.S. Biology, B.A. Studio Art

Medical School: - Creighton University-SOM

What brought you to SIU?:- When I rotated at SIU as a medical student, I felt at home in more ways than one. (Yes, it's funny because I am from the area.) But in all seriousness, when you add an outstanding reputation for excellent didactic teaching, a wide variety of operative experiences and amazing faculty and residents together, the outcome is, quite simply, beautiful. SIU has everything I could want in a residency, and with plans to begin a hand transplant program, it keeps getting better! What is you area of interest/research?- Breast reconstruction, microsurgery, facial asethetics


Michael Ruebhausen, MD

Hometown: Highland, IL

Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis

Medical School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Why SIU?: The plastics department at SIU has everything I wanted in a program. Great faculty, excellent clinical exposure, wonderful teaching opportunities, great research facilities (with a micro lab), and a wonderfully collegial environment. Combined with inexpensive cost of living, proximity to family, and a medical school/health system dedicated to improving, I felt it was beyond ideal. I'm lucky to be here.



Lauren Hutchinson, MD

Hometown: Floyds Knobs, IN

Undergraduate School?: Indiana University

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Why SIU? I wanted a residency program that offered excellent surgical training, had a widely diverse caseload, and a collegial working environment.  I found that SIU had all of that and more!  The early exposure to plastic surgery rotations in the first 3 years of residency, ample research opportunities, and the micro and skills labs are other things that make SIU great.  I’m truly excited to be here!

Area of interest: Breast reconstruction and microsurgery


Kate McKenna, MD

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

Undergraduate: Saint Mary’s College - B.A. Music

Medical School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Why SIU:? Being a medical student from SIU, I was very lucky to be exposed to this plastic surgery program early on in my medical school career.  The enthusiasm and leadership from the residents and faculty at SIU are second to none.  This, combined with the opportunities for research and surgical skills training, makes it a great place to learn.  I am honored and excited to become part of the team!



Tim Daugherty, MD

Hometown: Decatur, IL

Undergrad & grad school: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (BS - Molecular & Cellular Biology, MS - Biology)

Med School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Why SIU?: When choosing a residency program it was important for me that the faculty and residents were a team that was enthusiastic about both teaching and patient care. No other program compares to the faculty, residents and camaraderie here at the SIU Institute for Plastic Surgery. I am incredibly lucky to train with my mentors and the physicians who inspired me to become a plastic surgeon. At SIU there is a heavy case load with a wealth of variety from hand trauma, reconstruction, and aesthetic surgery in addition to ample teaching and research opportunities. This is truly a wonderful place to train!

Area of Interest: Hand and Microsurgery

Research: A Microbiologic Comparison of Acellular Dermal Matrices as an Aseptic Reconstructive Material


Jimmy Winters, MD

Hometown: - Chester, IL

Undergrad: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (BS - Chemistry)

Med School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

What brought you to SIU? What better place to train than with the residents and faculty who originally fostered my interest in plastic surgery. SIU has a storied history and takes pride in having multiple generations of leaders within the plastic surgery community. The addition of faculty members has expanded our exposure to subspecialties and surgical teaching styles within the field. I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity to train amongst such incredibly talented people. I look forward to seeing what new traditions are created at SIU Institute for Plastic Surgery in the coming years!

Areas of interest:  Microsurgery, Hand, Pediatric

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Hand Fellow

Justyn Lutfy, MD

Hometown:   Montreal, Qc (Canada)

Medical School: McGill University

Residency: Plastic Surgery, University of Ottawa

What brought you to SIU? Internationally recognized attendings involved in a program with an excellent attending/fellow ratio. I have the ability to tailor my clinical duties and surgeries to meet my learning objectives, state of the art simulation center with access to cadaveric lab, strong support to pursue my research interests, and exposure to acute and chronic pathologies relating to the hand and wrist. One of the few centers in the country with a hand transplant program. One of the most wecloming and collegial work environments I've been in.

Area of interest:  Hand, wrist and peripheral nerve. Microsurgery, hand transplantation and myoelectric prosthetics.

Research:  Minimal invasive surgery and treatments for hand pathologies. Medical education.

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Previous Residents

Ashley Amalfi, MD

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Undergraduate : George Washington University- Fine Arts &
Art History

Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Why SIU? When I rotated at SIU as a fourth year medical student I just knew that there was something different about this place. I felt so comfortable here. I was excited to be trained by people who love what they do and that were so genuinely excited to help me pursue my dream. As it turns out, I met my husband here too- and I know that this is where I belong. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing!

Where to now:? Dr. Amalfi will be starting with Univ of Rochester, Rochester, NY in January 2015 as an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. 

Kelli Webb, MD

Hometown - McLeansboro, IL

Undergrad - SIUC

Medical school - SIU

Why SIU? - The faculty at SIU are truly focused on making each individual resident the best plastic surgeon that we can be. The program is designed with a mentorship model to provide us with the maximum amount of operative time & continuity of patient care throughout our training.

Where to now?:

Theresa Hegge, MD

Hometown - Williston, ND (aka Boomtown USA)
Undergraduate studies/school - NDSU in Fargo (Go Bison! repeat NCAA FCS national champs)

Medical School - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and University of North Dakota

Why SIU? - The people and the lake

Where to now?: