Surgery Recruitment Opportunities

As our practice continues to grow, we have an increasing need for more faculty. Currently we have specific need in the following areas: To view the position description, click on the link. To apply for the position, click on apply.


Division Title Position #  
Cardiothoracic Surgery  Certified Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant SMS 2205 Apply
Emergency Medicine  Assistant Professor   SMS 2048 Apply
Emergency Medicine   Assistant Professor SMS 2279 Apply
General Surgery Assistant Professor (Breast) SMS 2302 Apply
Orthopaedics  Research Assistant Professor SMS 2274 Apply
Orthopaedics  Asst/Assoc Professor   (Foot & Ankle)  SMS 1992 Apply
Otolaryngology Asst/Assoc Professor of Clinical Surgery (General) SMS 2210 Apply
Otolaryngology   Asst/Assoc Professor (Neurotology/Otology) SMS 2277 Apply
Otolaryngology   Audiologist  SMS 2312 Apply
Plastic Surgery Licensed Occupational Therapist – Hand Therapist SMS 2327 Apply
Urology  Asst/Assoc Professor  (Decatur) SMS 2246 Apply



Please note: All applicatants must apply through SIU's online applicant tracking system, Hire Touch.