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Residents and Fellows

Andrew Mitchelson

Class of 2020, Orthopaedic Surgery

Scott Montgomery

Class of 2018, Otolaryngology

Ross Moore

Class of 2018, Emergency Medicine

Hamadi Murphy

Class of 2022, Orthopaedic Surgery

BreeAnna Murphy

Class of 2020, Emergency Medicine

Abdallah Naddaf

Class of 2019, Vascular Surgery

Ruhani Nanavati

Class of 2022, Vascular Surgery

Evyn Neumeister

Class of 2023, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Ryan O'Rourke

Class of 2021, Orthopaedic Surgery

Danielle Olla

Class of 2023, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Collier Pace

Class of 2018, Hand Surgery

Piyush Pathak

Class of 2022, Urology

Robert Petrossian

Class of 2022,Urology

Caleb Pingel

Class of 2019, Emergency Medicine

Rajaie Hazboun

Class of 2020, General Surgery

Benjamin Rejowski

Class of 2018, General Surgery