Teaching Awards

The Department of Surgery presents a number of awards each year for excellence in clinical or educational research. The criteria are based on research related activities as documented in the SIU SOM Academic Incentive Program. (Williams RG, Dunnington GL, Folse JR. The Impact of a Program for Systematically Recognizing and Rewarding Academic Performance. Acad Med 2003; 78:156-62)

Annual Teaching Awards - October 1 2015


Medical Student Teaching - Resident Awards

General Surgery

  • EJ Buckley, MD
  • Erin Canopy, MD
  • Allie McDow, MD
  • Nick Mouw, MD
  • Ben Rejowski, MD
  • Susan Wetzel, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Gonzalo Barinaga, MD


  • Staci Garland, MD
  • Aditi Mohankumar, MD
  • Scott Montgomery, MD
  • Coral Tieu, MD
  • Joe White, MD


  • Julia Fiuk, MD
  • Nataly Francois, MD
  • Dan Sadowski, MD


Plastic Surgery

  • Abigail Cochran, MD
  • Mauricio De la Garza, MD
  • Lauren Hutchinson, MD
  • Kate McKenna, MD
  • Shaun Mendenhall, MD
  • Amanda Ross, MD
  • Michael Ruebhausen, MD
  • Ryan Schmucker, MD

Vascular Surgery

  • Sarah Koch, MD
Resident Teacher of the Year   - Medical Student Teaching

Abigail Cochran, MD - Plastic Surgery

  • Amazing! Clearly enjoys teaching & interacting with students.
  • Spent a substantial amount of time teaching me suturing techniques, quizzing me on surgical knowledge, & always made sure I was involved in the OR. Best resident!
  • Great with patients & students.
  • Taught me a lot. So helpful in getting me involved & teaching me basic principles behind wound closure & management.
  • Approachable. Enjoys teaching & is good at it. Patient.
  • Encourages students to get involved.
  • Teaches suturing well.
Medical Student Teaching - Faculty Awards

General Surgery

  • Sabha Ganai,MD
  • Marc Garfinkel, MD
  • John Mellinger, MD
  • Jan Rakinic, MD
  • Adam Reid, MD
  • Jarrod Wall, MB

Pediatric Surgery

  • Kim Molik

Cardiac Surgery

  • William Pyle, MD


  • Leonard Rybak, MD, PhD

Physician Assistants

  • Tony Grasch,PA-C
  • Heather Hall, PA-C

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Saadiq El-Amin, MD, PhD

Plastic Surgery

  • Nada Berry, MD
  • Michael Neumeister, MD
  • Nicole Sommer, MD


  • Toby Kohler, MD

Medical Students Teaching - Faculty Teacher of the Year

John Mellinger, MD - General Surgery

  • Allows time for questions & really tries to get students involved.
  • Wonderful examples of how to clearly communicate with patients.
  • Excellent, very approachable.
  • Fantastic doctor & teacher
  • In clinic took time to explain everything in detail.
  • Positive motivator! Makes you feel comfortable doing new & challenging tasks.
  • Very focused on procedures, but very willing to answer any questions.
  • Very positive, includes everyone & answers questions clearly.
  • Very professional & outstanding bedside manner
Resident Teaching

General Surgery

  • Sabha Ganai, MD
  • John Mellinger, MD
  • Prasad Poola, MD
  • Adam Reid, MD
  • John Sutyak, MD
  • Jarrod Wall, MB


  • Holly Brockman, MD
  • Per Freitag, MD
  • Ra’Kerry Rahman, MD
  • Keith Gabriel, MD


  • Richard Bass, MD
  • Carol Bauer, MD
  • Dana Crosby, MD

Emergency Medicine

  • Jonathan De La Cruz, MD
  • Myto Duong, MD


  • Ahmed El-Zawahry, MD
  • Toby Kohler, MD
  • Brad Schwartz, DO

Vascular Surgery

  • Kim Hodgson, MD
  • Doug Hood, MD
Outstanding Surgical Educator - Junior Faculty

Adam Reid, MD - General Surgery/Trauma

  • Includes students extensively in discussion & does great job assessing knowledge & filling gaps. Interested in student growth.
  • Always available for questions. Uses current literature for decision making. Excellent teaching, takes time to teach patients/families/students/residents. Will guide you through decision making to make every opportunity a new chance to learn.
  • Has a positive presence and is great example of how to treat everyone no matter who they are or what their role is. He is constantly kind, which is rare in this culture.
  • Developed great rapport with patients,& taught residents & students in a very non-threatening way.
  • Has brought back a lot of new knowledge and surgical techniques that will benefit the residents. Finds opportunities to share teaching points on the wards and in the OR.
Outstanding Surgical Educator - Senior Faculty

Jarrod Wall, MB - General Surgery/Trauma

  • Patient with students & residents. Takes real interest in ensuring students get good experience & learn.
  • Provides appropriate independence in the OR. Thinks out loud which is helpful to hear clinical decision-making process
  • Makes resident feel comfortable with asking questions
  • A stupid question is never stupid. Explanations are clear cut. Helpful in answering questions and very encouraging. Very good at teaching through interactive methods.
  • Went out of his way to make sure I was learning. Very professional, encouraging & selflessly gave students dedicated time every day to help answer any questions we. During rounds he often included relevant teaching points and made me feel very much a part of the team.

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