Internal Medicine Curriculum

Internal Medicine central line insertionPracticing procedures on mannequins is used to help residents gain confidence and competence. Instead of just teaching procedures on mannequins, it is useful if the residents are taught, allowed to practice and demonstrate their skills. We conduct procedure symposium every year to evaluate resident’s confidence in performing procedures from the model of learn-practice-demonstrate on mannequins.
Procedures included in the curriculum are:

The residents watch videos demonstrating the procedure in advance, procedures are demonstrated by faculty, and the residents practice on a model with real kits using standard precautions and guidelines. Supervision is provided by faculty or fellows.

This is done in three sessions as follows:

  1. Watching the videos-  Prior to the session, the residents watch videos from the New England Journal ofThoracentesis Medicine website
  2. Instructional day - Attending/fellows perform the procedure and briefly go over the proper technique, indications, complications etc. Residents are expected to read about the indications, proper technique and complications beforehand. After the faculty demonstrates the procedure, they get a chance to do the procedure once or twice in the same session.
  3. Practice session- The residents are allowed to practice in the surgical lab depending on the availability of the lab.
  4. Demonstration day- The residents perform all the procedures with proper technique and the attending/fellow will certify their competency with a check list.