Andrology Fellowship Program Description

Andrology Fellowship addressing male reproductive and sexual health to be based at SIU-SOM,
SIU Healthcare, St John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center.

The modern management of male reproductive and sexual health requires an in depth knowledge not only of surgery but of imaging, biopsy techniques, pathology, endocrinology, radiology and basic science. The proposed fellowship is designed to enhance the basic knowledge of the management of male sexual health and reproductive health acquired by a urology trainee particularly in the non-surgical disciplines.

Completion of the fellowship. The existence of the fellowship is to augment and support the Department of Urology at SIU-SOM, SIU-SOM, SIUHealthcare, St John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center to advance the field of sexual health and infertility consistent with the goals of the above mentioned institutions, and the strategic plan of the above mentioned institutions.

Successful completion of a five or six year accredited program in Urology is a prerequisite.

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