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Penile Cancer

How common is penile cancer?

The 2017 estimates for penile cancer in the United States are 2,120 patients diagnosed. The death estimate is only 360 patients. This cancer is very rare in the United States, but much more common in parts of Asia and South America.


What are the risk factors for penile cancer?

  • Higher in men who are uncircumcised
  • History of human papillomavirus infection
  • Smoking
  • Age


What are the symptoms of penile cancer?

The symptoms of penile cancer include:
penile lesion, usually painless
penile rash or swelling

How do you diagnose penile cancer?

  • Physical examination
  • Biopsy of the lesion- a piece of the lesion is taken and looked at under the microscope
  • Imaging studies


How do you treat penile cancer?

Management of penile cancer is decided on after extensive discussion with a urologist. Treatment is usually surgery. Other treatment options include chemotherapy or radiation therapy.