Penile Implants / Prosthesis

Dr. Köhler is a world class, expert surgeon in penile implants.  His minimally invasive technique is extremely fast and safe.  Dr Köhler has performed over 200 implants and is a physician trainer for other doctors wishing to learn this surgery in both the United States and Germany. 

Penile implants are often selected by men who do not respond to simpler treatments such as pills, vacuum devices, and shots. Inflatable implants give a natural-appearing erection which is completely invisible. After you have healed, the penis and scrotum look normal. These implants give a stiff, reliable erection when inflated, and a natural-appearing penis when deflated.

With a penile implant, you can have sex as often as you like, and for as long as you wish. An implant not only restores erections, it can also restore a man’s sexual confidence, which is a tremendous benefit.

There's always implants

A 90-minute outpatient procedure can upgrade a man's sexual machinery if other treatments fail. Expandable chambers implanted in the penis enlarge with a few squeezes of a small saline pump placed in the scrotum. Components are invisible and can be used at any time. "Devices are more reliable in recent years," says Dr. Kohler. "Most men are happy with implants, and insurance often covers the procedure to put them in."

Most insurance plans and medicare covers the cost of penile implant procedure. Potential advantages of a penile implant include the following:

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