Urology Residents


Randy Sulaver, MD

Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Undergraduate: University of Oklahoma, BS Zoology-Biomedical Science, 2005

Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, 2012

Why SIU?: I wanted a program where the residents and faculty had a professional, collegial and friendly relationship.  I also wanted a program where I felt that residents had both professional and personal relationships with each other.  No other program embodied this better than SIU.  SIU has the perfect blend of research, surgical exposure and education.  I was impressed with SIU's focus on education. 

During resident conference not only are all resident schedules blocked for attendance but the faculty all participate as well.  SIU offers excellent perks and ease of life as a resident.  This is especially important since we spend so much time in the hospital.  The City of Springfield is easy to get around and provides close access to the hospitals.  The cost of living here is low and you have easy access to St. Louis and Chicago.

Email: rsualver@siume.edu

Thomas Tieu, MD

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Undergraduate: United States Air Force Academy, BS Operations Research, 1999

Graduate: University of New Mexico, MBA, Finance, 2003

Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University, 2012

Why SIU?: The SIU Urology Program offered a tight knit family-like atmosphere where the attendings take great interest in the development of the residents.  This environment is then duplicated by the residents where the more senior residents teach the junior residents, thus creating a culture of support and encouragement.  Combining this dynamic with the high quality of life that residents have in Springfield, makes SIU a tremendous opportunity for urologists in training.

Email: ttieu@siumed.edu


Julia Fiuk, MD

Hometown:  Paramus, NJ

Undergraduate:  Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, BA in Biology

Medical School:  Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, 2013

Why SIU?: " I fell in love with the program at SIU the minute I interviewed here. No other program in the country can match the level of camaraderie, individualized direction, and support in pursuing your academic and career goals. I am privileged to work with residents I consider my family and learn from attendings I consider my close friends. Between the academic and private practice service, the case volume is extraordinary, with hands on, primary surgeon level experience being the norm even for junior residents. We are fortunate to have fellowship trained sub-specialty faculty in every discipline of urology. Most importantly, it is both  a pleasure and a  privilege to take care of this large, varied, and truly grateful patient population ."

Michael Kottwitz, MD

Hometown:  Edwardsville, IL

Undergraduate:  Bradley University, Peoria, IL, BS Health Science

Medical School:  Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL  2013

Why SIU?: "I choose to be at SIU because of the faculty's emphasis on resident education along with the collegial relationship of the residents and faculty."

Email: mkottwitz@siumed.edu


Daniel Sadowski,MD

Hometown:  La Salle, IL

Undergraduate: Drake University, Des Moines, IA, B.A. Biochemistry, 2008

Graduate: University of Oslo, Norway, M.Phil. International Community Health, 2010

Medical school: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL, 2014

Why SIU?  The residents and attending physicians with SIU Urology are a major reason I chose to pursue Urology for my career.  The faculty are experts in their fields and genuinely interested in fostering the professional development of residents.  We have ample research opportunities working directly with faculty as well as research support available from the SIU Center for Clinical Research.  In general, SIU provides a comfortable learning environment for medical students and residents and places a strong emphasis on education.

Areas of interest/research? Epidemiology, health disparities

Email: dsadowski@siumed.edu

Joshua Ring,MD

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Undergraduate: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, B.A. Religion, 2008

Graduate: Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, M.Sc. Biology, 2010

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, 2014

Why SIU?: In selecting a residency program, SIU provides a great opportunity with their dedication towards resident education. Every physician and resident I talked to was enamored with their program and reiterated it's primary objective to educate and train residents amongst a collegial atmosphere of like-minded professionals.

Areas of Interest/Research: Oncology/Global Health

Email: jring98@siumed.edu


Neil Patel, MD

Hometown: Beach Grove, Indiana

Undergrad:  Miami University of Ohio

Med School:  Indiana University School of Medicine

Why SIU?: I chose SIU because I could feel there was a strong bond among the faculty and the residents. This sense of family was very important to me when choosing an institution at which to train. Furthermore, SIU emphasized resident education, among with patient care, as being of paramount importance. Because of this, I am confident that I will be able to flourish at SIU and reach my full potential.

Wesley Baas, MD

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Undergrad:  Northern Kentucky University

Med School:  University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Why SIU?: When choosing a residency program I had two main objectives.  I wanted a program that would make me a well-rounded urologist, and I wanted to work with people I could enjoy for the next five years of my life.  I found that SIU fit both requirements.  In terms of training, I felt there was no better place to experience the breadth of the urologic field.  SIU has every sub-specialty covered with well-respected attendings who make resident education a priority.  Although SIU is a busy service, it is very obvious that the residents and attendings have a great relationship both inside and outside of the workplace.  Because of these strengths of the program, I feel that SIU is going to be a great place for me to grow and reach my maximum potential as a urologist.


Matthew Davis, MD

Bradley Holland, MD

Hometown: Springfield, IL

Undergrad:  Drake University, Des Moines, IA

Med School:  Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL

Why SIU?: When looking for a residency program, finding a close knit group of faculty and residents was a large part of my decision. The camaraderie of SIU was evident immediately. Additionally, there is a devotion to education that is second to none. It is never more apparent than in dedicated Wednesday conference. SIU truly provides the best of both worlds. The experience and volume necessary to become a well-trained urologist ready for anything that comes through the ED, but also unique research and educational experiences required to obtain an elite fellowship position