Vascular Fellowships

Peripheral Vascular Fellowship

The vascular surgery section offers a two-year peripheral vascular fellowship. Fellows must have completed an approved residency in general surgery and be board eligible or board certified. The first year concentrates on research and endovascular therapy while the second year is devoted to conventional vascular surgery. The case load covers all of vascular surgery but concentrates on the management of carotid stenosis, aortic aneurysms, and lower extremity arterial occlusive disease.  The full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic endovascular procedures are utilized, as well as traditional open surgical methods. Fellows should expect to perform approximately 200 major vascular reconstructions during the clinical year. Experience also includes interpretation of noninvasive vascular laboratory studies.
Fellows completing the program are eligible to receive certification of added qualifications in Vascular Surgery.

Length of Program: Two years
Total positions: One per year

Vascular Program Information

The vascular surgery division offers a two-year peripheral vascular fellowship, which is approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).  Fellows must have completed an ACGME approved residency in general surgery and be board eligible or board certified.  The first year concentrates on research and endovascular therapy while the second year is devoted to conventional vascular surgery. 

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine utilizes two 600-bed private hospitals, St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center, which are separated by only three-quarters of a mile.  The peripheral vascular service includes two full-time university surgeons, Dr. Kim Hodgson, & Dr. Douglas Hood.  The peripheral vascular fellow covers essentially all of the patients who are admitted to these surgeons.  The fellow is primarily responsible for the pre- and post-operative care of the patients and will be the operating surgeon on over 95% of the cases.

The operative caseload is varied, covering virtually every aspect of peripheral vascular surgery, but is weighed toward carotid endarterectomies, aneurysm resections, femoral-popliteal and femoral-tibial grafts.  During the year, the fellow can expect to perform approximately 200 major vascular reconstructions.  In addition, the fellow can expect to perform 150 percutaneous diagnostic arteriograms, 75 percutaneous balloon angioplasty/stent procedures, and approximately 25 endoluminal aneurysm repairs.  The fellow is also responsible for interpreting non-invasive laboratory studies, for seeing consultations, for preparing a vascular case conference every week, and for assisting in the outpatient clinic.  Ample time is provided for the fellow to participate in clinical and non-invasive laboratory research.  Previous fellows have been able to publish several papers during the year.  The peripheral vascular service operates well-equipped and busy clinical non-invasive laboratories in each of the two hospitals.

Fellows completing the program are eligible to receive certification of added qualifications in Vascular Surgery. 


Friday Morning Vascular Conferences

Vascular conference is held every Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.  Attendance is mandatory for   fellows, vascular residents, and residents on the vascular surgery rotation.  Listed below are the five broad topics for this conference, which occur on a rotating schedule.  An index will be provided with the specific topics to be discussed each week.

VESAP Review Conference/Vascular Research Conference – The VESAP Review conference will consist of a review of questions obtained from VESAP.   The first year fellow will be responsible for pulling the questions to be reviewed at this conference and distributing them in advance to those participating.   It is anticipated that 10 questions will be able to be reviewed and discussed at each conference. 
The Vascular Research conference will allow coordination of clinical research projects.  Discussions will include ideas for new projects and updates on ongoing projects.  Targeting specific projects for abstract submission to upcoming vascular meetings will be the major focus of this conference.  All fellows, residents and students involved in division projects are encouraged to attend.  This conference will be held on the first Friday of every third month in place of the VESAP review conference.

Clinical Curriculum Conference – This conference will provide a systematic review of topics chosen from the APDVS index list.  The format will consist of review and discussion of published articles germane to the topic at hand.  Articles for this conference will be chosen by the first year vascular fellow according to a predetermined topic schedule.

Basic Science Lecture – This conference will be presented by the vascular fellows, vascular residents and faculty from a selected list of basic science topics.  This conference will also feature invited speakers on vascular related topics of interest such as wound care, orthotics and prosthetics, new technologies, innovations in vascular surgery, etc. 

Journal Club – This conference will serve as a review of 3-5 pertinent articles chosen from a monthly survey of current vascular journals.  Articles addressing basic science issues as well as clinical issues will be presented.

Operative Skills Conference – This conference will be held quarterly and will include presentations on basic endovascular and operative skills by the vascular attendings.

Vascular M&M and Interesting Case Conference

Fellows, vascular residents and general surgery residents are required to attend vascular M&M and case conference. Conference will occur weekly on Friday at 8:30 AM. The fellows, vascular residents and junior general surgery residents should be prepared to present any patient on the service at the respective hospital. Attendance at this conference is mandatory.

Vascular Core Conference

This conference is held the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 0700-0800 and is for vascular residents and fellows. Vascular trainees will review and discuss a topic from one of the vascular textbooks.

General Surgery Grand Rounds and Core Conference

Vascular residents will be required to attend general surgery conferences every Thursday from 0700-1000.   M&M conference is held each week at 0700, Grand rounds are held every other Thursday at 8:00 AM, and core conference is held every Thursday at 9:00 AM.

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