913 North Rutledge - Room 1252

Full room view from back

Full room view from front

Podium with 2 small receive and transmit monitors plus touch panel
This room is equipped as follows:
  • Main videoconference camera
  • Audience camera
  • Projection screen
  • Chromakey wall
  • 2 large receive and transmit plasma monitors
  • 2 small receive and transmit podium monitors
  • AMX touch panel control
  • Podium PC with Windows XP, DVD enabled
  • Record VHS VCR
  • Playback VHS VCR
  • Document camera
  • Campus phone
  • Fax nearby
  • Seating for 50
  • For help planning your videoconference:

Receive and transmit plasma monitors

Play and record VHS VCRs

Podium PC tower

Document camera
Last Updated Thursday, December 8, 2005
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