SIU School of Medicine Institutional Resources for Videoconferencing

Springfield On Campus

913 North Rutledge
1252 Telehealth Conference Room
409 West Calhoun
110 Telehealth Conference Room
327 West Calhoun
Sangamon & Prairie Rooms
751 North Rutledge
Room 2014

Carbondale On Campus

102, 303, and 310
Life Science III
1059 Auditorium
2086A Anatomy
SIU Departmental Videoconference Rooms
SIU Division of Otolaryngology
Conference Room (under construction)
SIU Department of Psychiatry
146A Conference Room, 901 West Jefferson
SIU Department of Pediatrics
Conference Room (under construction)
SIU Family Practice Sites:
Carbondale (under construction)
Quincy (under construction)
Decatur (under construction)
Springfield (under construction)
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