Welcome to SIU Telehealth Networks & Programs!

On behalf of the SIU School of Medicine, I would like to welcome you to our web site. Our mission is to develop community-institutional partnerships that strengthen local health care capacity through the use of advanced technologies such as videoconferencing. To accomplish this mission, our efforts focus in the following strategic areas:

  • health professions education
  • health care services
  • community health outreach
  • telehealth research
Over the years, we have established a telehealth department within the School of Medicine, developed and continue to enhance our telehealth infrastructure and implement a variety of educational, clinical and research applications in collaboration with our SIU colleagues and community partners. We sincerely hope that after visiting our web site, you'll agree that telehealth is more than just technology. It is about providing access to high quality specialized health care, connecting highly regarded experts with colleagues in rural communities, delivering educational opportunities in a timely and cost efficient manner and conducting academic research.

To learn more about how our office can work with you to leverage technology in each of these areas, please contact our office.


Glenn Groesch, Director
SIU Telehealth Networks & Programs


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