Our Mission

The mission of ThinkFirst is to prevent brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries  through education, research and policy.

Our Focus

The leading cause of death for young people in the United States, ages 1-44, is injury.

Injury prevention is the key! ThinkFirst focuses on increasing understanding of potential for injury and the permanent impact of Traumatic Brain Injury / Spinal Cord Injury. Prevention is much easier and more cost-efficient than treatment for a life changing injury.

ThinkFirst programs are award-winning, with a concentrated effort on reaching those most at risk for brain and spinal cord injuries— our youth. Our services include programs such as ThinkFirst for Teens and ThinkFirst for Kids, Victim Impact Panels for DUI offenders, child passenger safety seat education and trainings, bike helmet fittings and coordinating crash reenactments. Because motor vehicle crashes are the biggest cause of injury, ThinkFirst presentations emphasize traffic safety such as seat belt use and driving free of distractions and impairments.

Our Programs

Our Community Activities

Some of our community involvement includes:

FY15 Highlights for SIU School of Medicine ThinkFirst

Other programs included: