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Mary Kay Reed, RN, MPA

Program Coordinator
Phone: 217-545-9112


Research Interests/Areas of Expertise:

  • Head and spinal cord injury prevention education Rehabilitation following head and/or spinal cord injuries Child passenger safety education
  • Grantwriting and fundraising

Brief Biography

Mary Kay Reed, R.N., M.P.A., has been employed at SIU School of Medicine for 18 years, holding positions of Instructor, as well as Administrative nurse and clinical staff nurse. She developed and has been program coordinator for the Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program at SIU School of Medicine since it began in 1990
Ms. Reed earned her bachelor's degree in nursing from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington in 1979 and her master's degree in Public Administration in 1999 from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.
She is licensed as a registered professional nurse in Illinois. She is also a certified CPR instructor with the American Heart Association. In addition, she is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a Child Passenger Safety Instructor.
Ms. Reed has been the coordinator of the Think First/Risky Business program since 1990. This program is a chapter of the national "Think First" head and spinal cord injury prevention program. This multi-faceted injury prevention program focuses on the following: motor vehicle safety, bicycle safety, swimming safety, violence prevention, and pedestrian safety.
Ms. Reed's interest and professional experience focuses on: prevention program development, public speaking and teaching, grant writing and fundraising.

Daniel J. Hicks

Community Affairs Specialist
Phone: 217-545-9112

Research Interests/Areas of Expertise:
  • Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Education Crash Reenactment pre-prom & alcohol activities Recruit, train, and supervise other persons with injury related disabilities to participate as speakers.
  • Collaborate with DUI Task Force, Victim Impact Panels, and Safe Community Programs

Brief Biography

Daniel J. Hicks has been employed at SIU School of Medicine on a contractual basis for ten years as a program speaker. He started full-time employment with SIU School of Medicine as a Community Affairs Specialist with the Risky Business Program in June 2001. Danny shares his experiences with individuals of all ages after sustaining a head and spinal cord injury in July, 1990.
Mr. Hicks partners with The IL State Police Safety Education Officers in central and southern Illinois to present Risky Business Presentations in collaboration with the Operation Cool school programs.
Danny's public speaking focuses on giving his testimony while sharing with his audiences the fact that once an injury has occurred, life will change never be the same again.