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The Southern Illinois Trauma Center (SITC) treats an average of 1100 patients each year from Springfield and the 18-county service area. "We have built strong partners with EMS, regional hospitals and the community, providing trauma care at the highest level," says Dr. John P. Sutyak, SITC's medical director and associate professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. "Our trauma team and the regional system are organized to provide immediate and in-patient treatment as well as follow-up care after hospitalization, especially for patients with multiple injuries."
SITC is designated a Level I trauma center by the Illinois Department of Public Health and was reverified this spring by IDPH. A partnership of Memorial and SIU, it began providing trauma care for west central and southern Illinois in July 1999.

Trauma mapAbout 30% of the patients are originally evaluated at another institution before transfer to the SITC for care of complex injuries. The regional system has been developed with active participation from 15 hospitals, including the Level II centersin Quincy. About 4,000 emergency medical services (EMS) personnel are part of the system, which covers 10,203 square miles. Protocols and standards are shared at quarterly regional trauma meetings.
While SITC is based at one of the Springfield hospitals, education and prevention programs are presented by all the three partners, allowing outreach into the service area. The SIU faculty also provides several trauma training conferences and courses throughout the year.
The SITC team uses a combination of 9 SIU surgery faculty and local surgeons who provide primary trauma surgery call, including specialists in neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, oral surgery, otolaryngology and plastics. Sutyak became SITC medical director in April 2004 succeeding Dr. John B. Fortune, who relocated to Syracuse, N.Y. Dr. Christopher D. Wohltmann joined SIU as an assistant professor of surgery in August 2003.  Dr. Jarrod Wall joined the team in August 2008.

Sutyak also pointed out the critical role that the Central Illinois Community Blood Center plays in the SITC trauma program. "Replacing blood is a key aspect to treatment, especially for critical cases," he explains. "When we look at the past five years, the blood center's donations drop each summer just when our trauma activity level and the need for life saving blood products increase. I encourage everyone take time to donate blood to help make up the deficit."
Trauma centers treat the most serious injuries from which a person may be at risk for loss of life or limb. After providing initial care, the trauma team continues its involvement with the patient in critical care areas and specialized services. Both Memorial and St. John's continue to operate emergency departments as part of the system with seriously, injured patients directed to the SITC Level I designated hospital. Pediatric trauma patients are taken to St. John's because of the pediatric intensive care facility. Burn patients are taken to the Regional Burn Center at Memorial.

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