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Good Medicine in Bad Places: Lessons Learned from the Battlefield

October 7, 2015


  1. Participants will identify major programmatic changes in combat casualty care.
  2. Discuss changes in aeromedical evacuation and En-Route care that have been employed in the current global war on terrorism
  3. Describe Key research components in the En-Route care system.

Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation
228 W Miller St
Springfield, IL

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Trauma Care After Resuscitation

This course provides acute care, critical care, and perioperative nurses the foundational, evi-dence-based information and critical thinking skills necessary to care for the hospitalized trau-ma patient. TCAR covers a wide range of patho-physiologic and nursing concepts and is de-signed to be a broad, core-level program, rather than an advanced or specialty area specific course. For those involved in the care of injured children, consider attending PCAR (Pediatric After Resuscitation), the peds-specific version of the TCAR course. REGISTER HERE
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