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Student Elective

Title: General Surgery Externship With Residency Team

Course Number: 80033

Course Type: Intensive Clinical


This experience is designed to encourage further maturation of the student's ability to assume responsibility for all aspects of the patient's care as a member of the surgical team.
**SPECIAL NOTE: Students requesting 4-week rotations will be scheduled first. Thereafter, any openings that remain will be made available to those students requesting a 2-week rotation.**


1. Provide an opportunity to gain further depth of knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and care of general surgery patients over and above that available through the Surgical Clerkship.
2. Improve clinical skills in evaluarion of the surgical patient and in operative skills pursuant to level of capability.


1. The student's history and physicals, patient assessment, assumption of responsibility, and ability to work as a productive member of the team will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis by the resident staff and resident panel members. The evaluation will be shared with the student on an ongoing basis during the experience.
2. The student will maintain a logbook of all patient encounters.

Prerequisites: *Successful completion of the following clerkship: Surgery

Notification: Contact Laura Sturgeon (217-545-5183; TWO WEEKS before beginning elective.

Faculty responsible for elective: Christopher Wohltmann, MD

Phone: (217)-545-5183

Additional Faculty: Resident Panel Members, Surgical Residents/General Surgery

Enrollment: Minimum 1 Maximum 2
Credit Hours: Minimum 2 Maximum 4
Schedule: Full time 2 or 4 weeks



Required Computer Training:

X St.John's  
X SIU (Centricity)