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Journal Articles (Refereed Journals)

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Manuscripts in preparation

Zhuge, Y., Tuan, K., Richards, C, Ansenberger, K., Rui, Y., van Breemen, R.B., Bahr, J.M., Hales, D.B., “The effect of a flaxseed enriched diet on cyclooxygenases in ovarian cancer in the laying hen Gallus Domesitcus” manuscript in preparation

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Nardulli, B.A., Culhane, J., Held Hales, K., Hales, D.B . " The Cyclic Adenosine 3', 5' Monophosphate Mediated Transcriptional Regulation of The Murine Cyp17 Gene" Manuscript in preparation

Diemer, T., Held Hales K, Choi., J., Rommerts, F.F.G. Hales, D.B. "Effect of Ethane 1,2-Dimethane Sulfonate (EDS) on Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory Protein (StAR) Gene Expression, Progesterone Synthesis, and Induction of Apoptosis in cAMP-stimulated Mouse Tumor Leydig cells." Manuscript in preparation

Held Hales, K., Shankar, B., Rivier, C. Hales, D.B. "Interleukin-6 (Il-6) inhibits cAMP-stimulated testosterone primarily by blocking P450c17 transcription in mouse Leydig cells." Manuscript in preparation.

Chapters in Books

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Invited Papers

Hales, D.B. "Editorial: Gonadal-Specific Transcription Factors-GATA (Go) 4 It!" Endocrinology 124:974-976 (2001)

Hales, D.B. "Editorial: Another piece in the maddening puzzle of declining steroidogenesis in aging Leydig cells." Journal of Andrology, 23:327-329 (2002)

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