Snapshots from Turkey, 22 July - 1 August 2008

Here is our travelling group, at the Blue MosqueFrom the left: David King, Carol King, John McSorley, Kemal Akkaya (all from Southern Illinois University Carbondale).

Our tour was organized through IDSA (Intercultural Dialogue Student Association) at SIUC and the Niagara Foundation in Chicago, with SIUC Prof. Akkaya as our bilingual escort/coordinator.

In Turkey, the sponsoring organization is BAKIAD (Bosphorus Atlantic Association of Cultural Cooperation and Friendship) of Istanbul, with local sponsors in other cities. 

This network of organizations is affiliated with the Gulen movement.  See Wikipedia on Fethullah Gulen for more information.

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  Day 1
  Day 2

  Istanbul, Day 3
   Hagia Sophia
    Blue Mosque

Izmir, Ephesus

Antalya, Aspendos Konya, Rumi's Tomb Cappadocia