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Skin Biopsy Specimen

This page leads to interactive examination of a skin biopsy specimen.  Actual microscope-slide specimens (multiple copies) are available for check-out.  

For more information, please contact Dr. King.

The educational benefit of this exercise is substantially enhanced by microscopic examination of the actual slides prepared from this specimen.  (However, these pages can also be viewed on their own, without reference to the specimen.)

If you examine the actual slides, this site will direct your attention to particular features of this specimen.  You should find and identify corresponding features on your slide.

Because several sections were cut from the same specimen, your slide may differ in detail, such as the positions of individual cells, from the slide illustrated in the micrographs posted at this site.

Also note that each slide includes four different tissue samples (sections), all cut from the same biopsy specimen.  Most of the posted micrographs come from just one of these sections.

Proceed to the first, overview micrograph.

Or begin by reading the pathology report.

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