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Eric C. Niederhoffer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Rm 112 Lindegren, 453-6467, eniederhoffer@siumed.edu
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Metallobiochemistry (MBMB 570, two credit hours) is intended to provide you with a foundation in modern inorganic biochemistry with specific emphasis on metal-containing proteins. We will draw upon knowledge of biochemistry, analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, as well as common mathematical approaches to problem solving. Familiarity with the internet and either PC or Mac computers is required. Classes meet on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 to 3:50 p.m., unless otherwise specified.

I reserve the right to change or modify the syllabus.


We will use the following textbook and selected articles from the current literature:

You may find it useful to review fundamental concepts as outlined in any of the recent biochemistry and inorganic textbooks, including:

We will use the molecular viewing applications Protein Explorer, RasMol and Swiss-PdbViewer during this course. See "Chime Square" for additional information concerning macromolecular viewing of protein and nucleic acid structures.


Your performance in this course will be based on examinations and problems sets. Examination and problem set dates will be announced in class and posted to the course web site. I reserve the right to change the date of examinations and problem sets.

There will be no make-up examinations or problem sets. A valid signed University-approved or medical excuse must be presented to me as soon as possible if you miss an examination. In general, only medical emergencies are considered legitimate excuses. One examination performance may be offset by the average of your second lowest examination score and the final examination score.

COURSE OUTLINE: (Tentative Topics for Discussion)

Fundamentals of inorganic biochemistry 4 lectures

Experimental methods 4 lectures

First Examination - Fundamentals and experimental methods

Transport and storage 4 lectures

Metalloproteins and metalloenzymes: (I) oxygen carriers and hydrolases 4 lectures

Second Examination - Transport & storage and metalloproteins & metalloenzymes

Metalloproteins and metalloenzymes: (II) redox chemistry 3 lectures

Cell toxicity 2 lectures

Case studies 3 lectures

Third Examination - Metalloproteins & metalloenzymes, cell toxicity and case studies

Final Examination - Semester topics


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