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Eric C. Niederhoffer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
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Chime Presentations - Protein & DNA (*=large, rc=remote control)
 Nucleic acids  Transcription factors
 A-DNA (rc)  Leucine zipper with DNA (rc)
 B-DNA (rc)  Rho terminator +/- DNA (rc)
 Z-DNA (rc)  RNA polymerase* (rc)
 A-, B-, and Z-DNA comparison (rc)  Sigma 70 (rc)
 Activator proteins  Zinc fingers
 Cap +/- DNA (rc)  CRP2 (rc)
 FixL (rc)  GAL4 with DNA (rc)
 Repressor proteins  GATA-1 with DNA (rc)
 Arc repressor with DNA (rc)  NCP10 with DNA (rc)
 Cro repressor +/- DNA (rc)  RAG1 (rc)
 Ider repressor (rc)  Retinoid X-thyroid hormone receptor with DNA (rc)
 Lac repressor +/- DNA (rc)  TFIIIa with DNA (rc)
 MetJ repressor with DNA (rc)  TRAMTRACK with DNA (rc)
 NarL repressor (rc)  Zif268 with DNA (rc)
 SmtB repressor (rc)  
 Trp repressor with DNA (rc)  


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