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Chime Presentations - More Proteins (*=large, rc=remote control)
 Dioxygen carriers  Oxidative stress
 Hemerythrin (deoxy and oxy) (rc)  Catalase* (rc)
 Hemocyanin (deoxy and oxy) (rc)  Copper,zinc superoxide dismutase (rc)
 Hemoglobin (deoxy and oxy) (rc)  Iron superoxide dismutase (rc)
 Myoglobin (deoxy and oxy) (rc)  Manganese superoxide dismutase (rc)
 Cobalt proteins  Superoxide dismutase comparison (rc)
 Glutamate mutase (rc)  Iron-sulfur proteins
 Methionine aminopeptidase (rc)  Aldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase (rc)
 Methylmalonyl coenzyme A mutase (rc)  Ferredoxin I (rc)
 Copper Chaperones  Ferredoxin I redox changes (rc)
 Atx1 (rc) [NMR structures (rc)]  Ferredoxin II (rc)
 hCCS (rc)  Rieske iron protein (rc)
 yCCS (rc)  Rubredoxin (rc)
 yCCS-SOD1 complex (rc)  Sulfite reductase (rc)
 Copper proteins  Manganese proteins
 Amicyanin (rc) (2 remotes)  Arginase (rc)
 Ascorbate oxidase (rc)  Manganese peroxidase (rc)
 Azurin (rc)  Manganese superoxide dismutase (rc)
 Copper oxidase (rc)  
 Laccase (rc)  Molybdenum proteins
 Electron transfer complexes  Carbon monoxide dehydrogenase (rc)
 Cytochrome c peroxidase-cyt c (rc)  Dimethylsulfoxide reductase (rc)
 Ferredoxin NADP+ reductase-Fd (rc)  Nickel proteins
 Methylamine dehydrogease-ami-cyt c (rc)  Urease (rc)
   Iron nickel hydrogenase (rc)
 Iron proteins  Carbon monoxide dehydrogenase (rc)
 Ferric binding protein (rc)  Protein comparisons
 Ferric enterobactin receptor FepA (rc)  Arginase and urease (rc)
 Ferric hydroxamate receptor FhuA (rc)  Alkaline and purple acid phosphatase (rc)
 Ferric siderophore binding protein FhuD (rc)  Copper chaperone for Sod (rc)
 Ferritin (non heme) (rc)  Menkes protein and MerP* (rc)
 Ferritin (heme)* (rc)  Zinc proteins
 Methane monooxygenase (rc)  Alkaline phosphatase (rc)
 Nine-heme cytochrome c (rc)  Carbonic anhydrase (rc)
 Nitrite reductase (rc)  Cytidine deaminase (rc)
 Purple acid phosphatase (rc)  


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