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Medical Sciences Database

The Medical Sciences Database is an Internet-based collection of news and review articles from the current literature appropriate for building or supplementing your knowledge. Most of the materials have been reviewed by School of Medicine faculty before placement in the database. Select articles have been placed in the MRC Vertical File for ready access. The remaining articles may be retrieved from Morris Library, the MRC, or other indicated sources.

For those students that would like some guidance with their learning issues, please consult the BMB C2000 Resources (or BMBR C2000 Resources).

We encourage both students and faculty to forward appropriate materials to the Medical Resource Center for inclusion in the Medical Sciences Database and MRC Vertical File.

The Medical Sciences Database may be accessed from any computer (student computer lab, tutor rooms, MRC) with an Internet connection.

Please note the following: On the Search page, click the Search button to begin search - do NOT hit the Return key



You may need to experiment with keywords to find specific topics, otherwise you may wish to perform general searches using the following broad classifications:

 anatomy  behavioral science  biochemistry
 brain  cancer  cardiology
 cell biology  clinical medicine  connective tissue
 depression  dermatology  embryology
 endocrinology  genetics  geriatrics
 gynecology  health care  heart
 histology  immunology  infectious disease
 kidney  liver  lungs
 metabolism  microbiology  molecular biology
 muscle  neurology  neurotransmitter
 nutrition  obstetrics  oncology
 ophthalmology  orthopedics  pathology
 pediatrics  pharmacology  physiology
 psychiatry  psychology  pulmonary
 radiology  signal transduction  skeleton
 transcription  vascular  vision



MRC Vertical File

Only MRC library staff may retrieve articles from the Vertical File.


If you have any questions and comments, please contact:

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