Role of Metal Ions in Microbial Gene Regulation
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Eric C. Niederhoffer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
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Role of Metal Ions in Microbial Gene Regulation is intended to provide you with a foundation in modern microbiology. We will discuss the biology and chemistry of metal ions, an overview of gene regulation, and selected examples of metal ion uptake, heavy metal ion resistance, metal ion regulated toxin production, and oxidative stress systems.


Appropriate reading materials from Inorganic Biochemistry: An Introduction by J. A. Cowan (2nd ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1997) and Fundamentals of Biochemistry by D. Voet, J. G. Voet, and C. W. Pratt (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999) will be distributed. Visit the Wiley web site for more information. We will also use selected articles (Reading List) from the current scientific literature, as appropriate.

The KEGG graphical pathway maps may be of use in learning the material concerning the various metabolic pathways. Molecular viewing applications RasMol and Chime may be of interest and of use during this course. Visit the "Chime Square" site for selected examples.

You may wish to include additional materials and resources (internet). I will provide notes (WWW sites) and facilitate discussions during class, but it is up to you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the material.


Your performance in this course will be based on active participation and scheduled examinations. Examinations will be a combination of short-answer, multiple-choice, and problem-solving questions.

As a general policy, there will be no make-up examinations. Demonstrate your responsibility by attending lectures, discussions, and examinations.

COURSE OUTLINE: (Tentative Topics for Discussion)

Biology and chemistry of metal ions

Gene regulation

Metal ion uptake

Heavy metal ion resistance


First Examination - Biology and chemistry of metal ions, gene regulation, metal ion uptake, and heavy metal ion resistance


Toxin production

Oxidative stress

pH stress


Second Examination - Toxin production, oxidative stress, and pH stress

A summary of RMIMGR course lessons is available as a pdf file (18K).


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