Biochemistry Animations

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The following Biochemistry (MS PowerPoint) animations may be useful throughout the Year One Curriculum. You may also want to use the Web Lessons that cover basic building blocks of macromolecules along with selected metabolic pathways. I will use selected animations during Biochemistry Resource Sessions in the CRR, NMB, and ERG units, but you are welcome to view them at anytime. There is no recorded narrative provided (each animation contains animation specific notes) so that you will consider attending the optional RS. These animations are intended to complement your self-directed learning.

Biochemistry Animations

Please note that these biochemistry animations work best when run under the Slide Show (View Show) menu so that you can actually observe the changes as the topic is discussed during a particular resource session. As you look at the animated (Slide Show) version, you will have a much easier time recognizing the flow of the presentation (for example, where a pathway starts and stops). Some of the pathways will appear complicated if you treat them as your only source of notes and do not take advantage of the designed animated delivery.

Abbreviations, which are used on the PowerPoint slides, are defined on the Notes page. Use the View menu to see the Notes Page.

To print the slide with notes, choose Print... under the File menu. In the print window, (Macintosh) change from General to Microsoft PowerPoint. In the next window (or on a PC from the Print page), change Print What: selection to Notes Pages. You can now print the notes along with the slides. (Please note that to print the Enzymes animation, you should use the doc or pdf format indicated above.)


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