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Academy for Scholarship in Education


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Symposium on Teaching and Learning

The Symposium Planning Committee emphasize research and topics around teaching and learning in medical education.

  • Innovation and Assessing student learning and performance.
  • Integrating technology and/or simulation into the educational experience.
  • Coaching and mentoring and its role in student performance.
  • Infusing the humanities within medical and clinical education.
  • Recognizing and addressing difficulties in the learning process
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PBL Workshop

Problem Based Learning Skills:

  • Essentials of Problem-Based Learning
  • Facilitator Development
  • Problem Construction
  • Curriculum Design
  • Student Assessment
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  • Innovative Speakers
  • Forums
  • Workshops
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Teaching Resource Center

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Award Winning Education

  • Oustanding Educator
  • Outstanding Student Medical Educator
  • Succeed Aspirants
  • Academy Scholars
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