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Call for Nominations--Frank J. Toth Award

February 13, 2020

Research Funding Allocation Committee (RFAC)

Call for Nominations
Frank J. Toth Research Award FY 2020

This award was established to honor the memory of Frank J. Toth, who worked for many years
as a chemist for the federal Environmental Protection Agency. His work and life in support of
health-related science and research inspired this recognition of research personnel (non-faculty)
whose work contributes to the research mission of SIU School of Medicine.

The Research Funding Allocation Committee (RFAC) invites nomination packets to be
submitted by faculty and supervisors for review and selection. All SIU School of Medicine
research support personnel that do not hold a faculty rank are eligible. Trainees (students,
residents, and clinical or postdoctoral fellows) and past recipients are not eligible. The award
consists of a plaque and a monetary travel award to assist the recipient in attending a
professional meeting/conference, continuing education event or in receiving other training
related to their job responsibilities as approved by the award recipient’s supervisor. The
recipient will be recognized at the 2020 Employee Recognition Luncheon (April 16th, 2020) and
will have one year to use the award funds.

Nomination packet includes the following:
  • CV of nominee
  • Letters of support (no more than 4)

Please collate packet materials into 1 PDF file and send to:
Kristi Katcher, Office of Associate Dean for Research, 801 N. Rutledge, Room 2073, P.O.
Box 19616, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9616 (MC-9616).

Past Award Recipients:
Year Awardee Department
2012 Roberts Meech Surgery
2013 Kathleen Groesch CCR
2014 Heather Westrick CCR
2015 Christopher Chambers MMICB
2016 Julie Baumgardner Simmons Cancer Institute
2017 Whitney Zahnd Population Science and Policy
2018 Lisa Volk-Draper MMICB
2019 Melissa Roberts Research Core Laboratory

Deadline for Nominations & Support Letters:
Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 at 4 p.m.

Late nominations/support letters will not be accepted.