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Additional Student Information

Clinical Anesthesia Elective offers students a brief introduction to a multifaceted medical specialty, which is acute critical care medicine at its finest. Students will be introduced to techniques and interventions which have a broad application to other specialties in medicine. If further experience or training is desired, an Individually-Designed Anesthesiology Elective can be developed with the assistance of the Departmental faculty.


Students are reminded that guidelines for dress/accessories when in the OR are strictly enforced. Please ...

  • No jewelry (wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.); a watch is allowed.
  • No outerwear clothing under the scrubs (t-shirt is okay as long as it is totally covered by scrubs).
  • No nail polish of any kind.
  • No artificial nails.
  • If you have any questions regarding these restrictions, please ask the faculty or staff.


All MMC anesthesiologists are available to answer questions and help direct students.

Colin Liberman, MD, professor and chair of the SIU department of Anesthesiology is available to consult with students regarding electives, residency training, and the specialty of anesthesiology as a career.  Email at

Dr. Lisa Grilly and Dr. Reg Bulkley are available to assist with departmental issues, including going over the final exam, when Dr. Liberman is unavailable.

Dr. Matt Peecher, Dr. Kris Cunningham, and Dr. Mark Krohe are all proud SIU graduates and are valuable resources for students.

Chris Reavis, MS, Office of Education and Curriculum, SIU School of Medicine, Liaison for the Department of Anesthesiology (545-4187), and Rena Motika, Anesthesia Support Specialist for MMC (788-3755) are also available to answer questions and help resolve problems.


The ASA has established a Student Membership for those interested in the specialty. Dues are $10/year, and the benefits include receipt of the monthly journal Anesthesiology, the monthly ASA Newsletter, a copy of the Annual Directory of Members, and free registration at the annual ASA Convention. It is an exceptional value. See Dr. Colin Liberman for information on this membership opportunity.